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Biowaste Animal Carcass Disposal


Bio-waste can be delivered to the Environmental Safety Facility for disposal between the hours of 11:00 am and 12:00 Noon any week day.


Animal Carcass Disposal

The following precautions apply to the disposal of animal carcass:

    1.  Contact the Environmental Safety Facility Ext. 35755 to arrange a pick up. One week notice is required.
    2. Containers can be picked up from the facility during regular hours
    3. All bio-waste is to be kept frozen and packed the morning of the pickup.
    4. Pick up will be Wednesday morning at about 9:00 am (a specific time will be arranged) at the loading area of your building. Bio-waste must not be left unattended .

    To schedule a Bio waste Pickup contact

    Environmental Safety Facility x35755 or e-mail Greg Friday